The Mum Chronicles 1.4

The cuttings we stuck yesterday are looking good despite the high temperatures. They are still a little wilted in spots but over all they look great.

The missing cuttings from Grolink showed up about 2 o’clock, and we spent the last hour of the day cramming with the whole crew getting them planted. Starting today our work hours are 6:30 to 3:oo so we had to get them stuck before quitting time.

Here is the crew on the planting line.

A tray that has just been planted.

And just watered in.

The crop we stuck last week are also looking great. Look at how much the roots have grown. It never ceases to amaze me how fast they grow.

I’ll have to come back and check the new cuttings periodically this evening as I have done every night since we stuck the first batch. In the past we have had problems like parts on the watering boom go bad or the boom itself get stuck and not work so for my peace of mind I have to check at least a couple of times every evening until they are all rooted good.

I will post an updated ready list tomorrow with discounted prices on what we have left.

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