The Mum Chronicles 1.6

It’s time to get dirty.

We started running our dirt yesterday. I went out twice to get some pictures, but the equipment, what we call the ‘dirt machine’ was broke down. I finally caught my crew working today and got some pictures.

p6110026 p6110027 p6110028 p6110029 p6110030 p6110031 p6110032 p6110033 p6110034

We mix our own soilless media rather than use a pre-mix. When I was out there they had just started running our #8 pots and were using up last years left overs. It is probably a wash on using the old versus buying in new so we use the old first so that we don’t have find a way to dispose of them.

We also started pinching the cuttings today then we had to stop and stock some plants for loading then went back to pinching. In the middle of that the water boom quit working, but we got it fixed fairly quickly. I’m going to check the mums one last time before I head to the house.

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