The Mum Chronicles 2.2

We finished planting the first round of Yoder and Ball mums Thursday morning and have started running the dirt for the Grolink varieties that we will plant sometime next week. The Grolink mums are rooting a little slower than the Yoder mums, but that won’t cause us any problems.

I was going to get some pictures of how we water the mums, but God took care of that for us this morning with two (so far) thunderstorms. Before this morning we were about 12″ over our average year-to-date rainfall amounts. Click here if you want to see the totals for the area courtesy of 5News.

Getting rain on a regular basis is great for growing mums, but you can get too much of a good thing. While I hope we don’t have a dry summer. I also hope we don’t have overly wet summer as well.

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