The Sun Finally Shows Up and Some Videos

The sun came out yesterday for the first time in quite a while.  There is a mostly rain free weekend forecasted (cloudy with some drizzle Saturday but nice Sunday).  Hopefully, everyone will be able to get out and do some work in their flowerbeds and maybe buy some plants this weekend.  I know that we and all of you would really like to see a good weekend.

Ready list for next week:  avail10.16

We played around with some different kale this fall.  We tried Dinosaur and Red Russian, both of which are the tastier kind of kale.  In addition to tasting better, they are also nice looking.   These offer a good compliment on the edible side of things to the lettuce and swiss chard we are already doing and to the ornamental cabbage and kale on the bedding side.

Here is a link to some pictures of the Dinosaur Kale and Russian Red Kale.  I like the looks of the Dinosaur Kale as it matures with it’s dark, heavily textured foliage.  Also here are some pics of what ours look like now.

Dinosaur Kale

kale-dinosaur1 kale-dinosaur2

Russian Red Kale

kale-red-russian1 kale-red-russian2

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