The Weather Just Keeps Messing With Us

I don’t know about you, but I am getting sick of this weather. It was 90F here this week before the cold front. This morning it was 36F when I came to work.

Instead of typing a lot, I am going to go try get a few videos for you this morning…

…and now 6 hours later I am finally able to get this uploaded. So much for getting it all done faster. You would think it was a Monday.

We have a lot of great looking plants available now and some that won’t be available until Monday. Be sure to use the forward availability for your Monday orders. Thanks and have a great weekend!

1 gal sunpatiens 8 begonia baskets begonia santa cruz baskets new guinea baskets 1 gal hardy fern autumn 1 gal tropical hibiscus 1801 begonias 1801 hypoestes 1801 nicotiana mix 1801 plumosus fern 1801 setcreasea 1801 sprengeri fern 1801 verbena quartz mix 1801 vinca pacifica polka dot 1801 zinnia zahara double fire angelonia serena purple 4.5in angelonia serena white 4.5in caladiums coco basket 16in 1 coco basket 16in 4 coco cone 12in 1 coco cone 12in 2 coco planter 16in 1 color bowls confetti garden 6in 6 confetti garden 12in baskets. confetti garden peppermint 12in deco euphorbia 4.5in fiesta double impatiens 4.5in henna sun coleus 4.5in lantana 4.5in monarda ornamental pepper chilly chili 6in stepables 1 stepables 2 strawberry berri basket 4in succulents 4.5in trailing petunia combo 12in basket 2 trailing petunia combo 12in basket 3 trailing petunia combo 12in basket wave double petunia basket wave petunia 12in deco wave petunia burgundy star 6in vinca greenhouse 4.5 dahlinova dahlias 4.5in double impatiens 4.5in ger

Here are two new Confetti Garden mixes that I really like – Oktoberfest and Nightlights:

oktoberfest nightlights

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