Things just keep getting better.

First of all, I want to apologize to everyone about the blog being down. The short version is that because of Microsoft’s arbitrary decisions to stop supporting certain softwares, we could not update our website. This morning I was able to fix the problem. Unfortunately, the tech support guy from Bangladesh or where ever neglected to tell me that the switch would delete everything. So the other blog went away. Now we have a new blog and hopefully a better one as well. So here is an updated availability for you.


Now for some pictures.

Helenium and Perilla #4.5 premium annuals – Helenium in the front and Perilla Purple and Vanilla behind.

Accent Foliage Plants #4 deluxe annuals – Purple Knight and Yellow Alternanthera with Asparagus Ferns and Spikes in the back ground.

Royal Tapestry #4 Royal Tapestry Alternanthera – we grew a small trial of this new variety that is available to whomever may want to look at it. It is not tagged. The plant itself looks great and got a lot of attention at the trade shows. It has the potential to be a knock-out accent plant.

Serena Angelonia #4.5 Serena Angelonia – our current crop is light on color. Hopefully, as the weather warms up and the days stay sunny, they will pop out some more color.

Dragonwing Begonias #6 Dragonwing Begonias.

Calibrachoa Deco Pot Calibrachoa Basket #12 Calibrachoa Deco Pot and Baskets

Double Impatien Basket #10 Double Impatien Basket

Geranium Combo Basket #12 Geranium Combo Baskets

Assorted Perennials #1 perennials – Hibiscus and Hostas

Talinum #4.5 Talinum

#6 Zonal Geraniums

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