Time For Some Warm Weather Plants

It has been warm and dry here. We need some rain. According to the local weathermen, we might be at the beginning stages of a drought. So what should we do?

That’s easy. Sell some plants that can handle the heat AND dry weather. Luckily, we have just what you need. My favorite drought tolerant plants are sedums, echinacea, purslane, blue salvia, thymes, lantana, sweet potato vines and vinca (especially Cora).

I have always been impressed by how well these plants can handle dry weather. This is mainly because there is always a drought at my house where I have a lot of these planted because I forget to water a lot. Just this morning, I ran out and watered before going to work. I have been going to my niece’s softball games and one of their birthday parties all week and getting home late. It’s been about 3 or 4 days since I watered. Even though they were a little wilted, they are handling it well. I did loose a couple of plants of Stepables (Pratia and Isotoma) that I planted last weekend that were not established wel but even then most of those survived.

What kinds of plants do we have for hot and dry weather? Take a look. Here is some of what we have for next week:

1204 and J6 Annuals – we are whittling down the numbers but we still have some great looking pack plus the 1204’s are discounted. Get them while they last.

salvia-J6 ageratum-1240

begonas-1204 impatiens-J6

salvia-blue-1204 begonias-J6

1801 Annuals and 4.5” Premium Annuals – lots of great looking heat loving, premium color

zinnias-1801 marigolds-taishan-orange-1801

gerbera-daisy-4.5in lantana-4.5in

mexican-heather-4.5in perilla-and-plumbago-4.5in

new-guinea-impatiens-4.5in-1 new-guinea-impatiens-4.5in-2

purslane-scaevola-strobilanthes-4.5in succulents-4.5in

sun-coleus-defiance-4.5in sweet-potato-vince-4.5in

#6, 1GAL and #8 – bigger sizes, bigger color!

wave-petunias-6in confetti-garden-6in

dragonwing-begonia-8SQ lantana-1gal

pentas-1gal sunpatiens-1gal

vinca-1gal wave-medley-8


Perennials and Stepables – some like it hot!

stepables-062 perennials-buddleia-artemesia

perennials-cerostigma perennials-echinacea

perennials-platycodon stepables-60


Baskets and Deco pots – for those of us who are too lazy to plant something.

begonia-basket angelonia-deco

dragonwing-begonia-8SQ dragonwing-begonia-baskets3

dragonwing-begonia-decos foliage-bridal-veil-6

impatiens-basket ipomoea-basket-8

lantana-deco-1 lantana-deco-2

lantan-basket new-guinea-decos

scaevola-basket-2 trailing-petunia-combo-baskets

sunpaitens-deco-9 sunpaitens-deco-10

wave-petunia-basket-8 blue-wave-petunia-basket


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