Top Ten Sun Plants For Homes On A Budget

Planting information for these plants are on the tags but as a general rule you will need space these at 4 plants per square foot.  While these plants are typically more affordable than the premium selection you will need more plants in a given area.  Be careful that you don’t over spend and ask one of our plant specialists to help you calculate the number of plants that you need.

  1. ZINNIA – Dreamland Mix
  2. VINCA (Periwinkle) – Pacifica Mix
  3. PORTULACA (Rose Moss)- Happy Hour Mix
  4. MARIGOLD – Taishan Yellow
  5. BEGONIA – Bronze Red
  6. AGERATUM – Hawaii Blue
  7. PETUNIA – Dreams Mix
  8. CELOSIA (Cockscomb)- New Look Scarlet
  9. NICOTIANA – Hummingbird Mix
  10. VERBENA – Quartz Mix
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