Torenia Purple Moon

Torenia Hanging Basket Torenia Hanging Basket

Torenia Purple Moon has delicate and distinctive flowers above shiny, serrated leaves.  Dark violet and blue lobes surround a brownish-red throat with a tiny tongue of yellow.  Look closely and you will see why they are called the “Wishbone Plant”.  The stamen form a “wishbone” in the center of the bloom.  Another fact about Torenia is that it is related to the snapdragon.  The blooms are similar except the mouth of Torenia is open where snapdragons have a closed mouth.  Enjoy these unique blooms from spring until the first frost of fall.  Protect them from extreme heat in the summer by placing them in part shade.  They like moist soil so keep them watered but not soggy and do not let them dry out too much.  Torenia have a mounded to trailing habit making them ideal for hanging baskets.

Size: #10 Bskt

Height: Grows 8″ to 10″ tall.

How To Grow: Hang in full sun to partial sun.

Outstanding Features: Good heat resistance.

Tips: Torenia baskets do best when they receive afternoon shade.

Uses: Hanging Baskets

Blue Torenia

Picture © 2014 Parks Brothers Farm

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