Torenia has delicate and distinctive flowers and shiny, serrated leaves.  Look closely and you will see why they are called the “Wishbone Plant”.  The stamen form a “wishbone” in the center of the bloom. 

Another fact about Torenia is that it is related to the snapdragon.  The blooms are similar except the mouth of Torenia is open where snapdragons have a closed mouth. 

Enjoy these unique blooms from spring until the first frost of fall.  Protect them from extreme heat in the summer by placing them in part to full shade.  They like moist soil so keep them watered but not soggy and do not let them dry out too much. 

One of their best aspects is that they grow well in shady areas. For gardeners who tire of always planting begonias and impatiens, they are an excellent alternative.

Kauai Torenia

Kauai Torenia is a compact Torenia with unique blooms in bold colors. The plants have a better branching habit than other varieties. The name Kauai automatically invokes thoughts of the tropics and that’s what this plant creates, exotic looking blooms that add a tropical look to your landscape or patio pots.

Plant in full shade 10-12″ apart. They will grow to 10-12″ tall.

Kuaia Torenia are available in Blue, Mix, Rose and White in J6 (606) flats and in Blue and Mix in #4(1801) flats.

Summer Wave Torenia

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Torenia Summer Wave Large Blue has a semi-mounded to trailing habit making them ideal for hanging baskets. It’s blooms have lobes in shades of blue that surround a throat with a tiny tongue of yellow. 

Summer Wave are one of the most heat tolerant Torenia available. They do well in containers and hanging baskets as well as in flower beds. They can be planted or hung in sun or shade but do best in part sun or filtered sunlight. Plants are vigorous growers and fill out pots quickly.

Their orchid-like blooms with the large open throat are particularly attractive to hummingbirds as well as pollinators. Blooms are self-cleaning and the plants are low maintenance.

Plant or hang in full shade to part sum grow 8-10″ tall and can really spread out to widths of 20-36″.

We produce Summer Wave Large Blue in out #10 Hanging Baskets size category.

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