Trailing Coleus

Trailing Coleus are types of coleuses that have a sprawling semi-trailing habit. They form mounds of colorful foliage of small to medium sized leaves.

Their compact, branching habit are well suited for containers. Like other Coleus, trailing types of coleuses’ growth can be controlled with water or pinching. The more water they receive the more they will grow and fill out. Often times they can get too big and take over containers especially in combination planters with other types of plants. If they get too big, you can pinch them back to a desired height/spread.

All varieties of Trailing Coleus is easy to grow. They do best with some morning sun and full shade in the afternoon and evening, but can tolerate more full sun with enough water. Thr trialing habit provide architectual interest in planters and baskets when combined with other semi-shade tolerant plants like New Guinea Impatiens.

We grow Lava Rose Coleus and Great Falls Yosemite Coleus in our #4.5 Premium Annual size category, and we utilized Great Falls in a few of our #12 Deco Shade Combos and #12 Shade Basket Combos.

Lava Rose Coleus

Lava Rose Coleus has small eye-catching leaves with rose and burgundy tones and a striking green margin. It’s foliage coloring is more intense in the shade.

Lava Rose Coleus looks great in hanging baskets or as a groundcover and can add an interesting addition to mixed containers.

Plant Lava Rose 12-18″ apart in full shade to part sun. They grow 6-10″ tall and 18-24″ wide.

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lava rose coleus

Great Falls Yosemite Coleus

Great Falls Yosemite Coleus have foliage that emerges with greenish-yellow centers with bright green margins. As the foliage matures, the centers fade to a creamy ivory with bright green margins edged with yellow.

Trailing Falls Yosemite is suited for both landscapes and mixed containers. It’s foliage is less prone to fading than other trailing coleus.

Plant Great Falls Yosemite 8-10″ apart in full shade to part sun. They grow 8-12″ tall.

yosemite great falls coleus
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