Tricolor Mum Pots

For those of you who don’t know, tricolor mum pots are mums with 3 different colored mum per pot. In past years to do a tricolor pot, you had to pick from 3 different varieties that were timed to bloom at the close to the same time. Sometimes these varieties did not have the same vigor or just didn’t bloom at the same time.

In response to the demand for these types of 3 colored pots, the mum breeders have started to develop better series that are more closely timed to one another in the series. This year the suppliers offered 4 different series of tricolors, and I trialed them all. Had I known how exceptional these first two were going to be, I would have grown more.

Supplies are limited on these this year but we will definitely be adding these in next season and I apologize if you get all excited about these then can’t get them.

12in tircolor mum 12in tircolor mum size

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