Update on Mums and Pansies With Availability

We are rolling along nicely here in Razorback county.  We sold out of our first crop of J6 pansies faster than expected despite having a limited mum availability.  Our next planting of J6 pansies will be ready sometime early next week but we are going to evaluate the crop on Monday and decide which ones to add to the list then.  Our #4 pansies are running way behind and we don’t expect to have good availability for another week or so.  Check out the video below for a little more info on all that.

Please take a look at the pictures, videos and our new availability of all that we have ready:   avail-9.17

We have mums available in Buds in all sizes.  Once again, please take a look at the pictures and video below for more information on our mum crops.

calibrachoas-cabaret2 This is our next crop of #6 Cabaret Calibrachoas.

dianthus-floral-lace-mix dianthus-floral-lace-red

pansy-colossus-blotch-yellow1 Snapdragons-sonnet-mix

Mum-12in This a good representation of the average size of our #12 mums.  Below is a bud comparision (also shown in the video) what we will be pulling and shipping next week.  Blackberry included for bud size comparison. :-)

mum-bud-comparison1 mum-bud-comparison2

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