Updated Availability and Pictures

The sun is finally out.  Things really slowed down around here this week, but it also rained almost every day.  My OK rep said it rained 9 days straight in Tulsa and my sister in Claremore tweeted that it rained 20 straight days there.  You can see pictures of her flooded garden at www.charleysveggies.com.

We are 4” above normal for the year as of May 11 and it rained another 1.46” yesterday.

image image

With my limited prognosticating abilities, I predict that the season will stretch out longer this year even if it does get hot.  Typically when the temps hit the 90s people will stop planting.  This year I think that a lot of peoples flower beds have drowned and people will need to replant.  But don’t hold me to that.

Here is the new ready list: avail0515

angelonia-4.5in begonia-1G

calibrachoa-carnival-mix-12inbasket celosia-and-dragonwing

daylily-stella dragonwing-8in

ferns Ferns have been discounted – see the ready list.

geranium-combo-12in-deco impatiens-4in1

impatiens-4in2 impatiens-1204

impatiens-baskets #1 Impatiens, Begonias and Petunia Baskets are also discounted.

impatiens-bskt#4 lantana-and-ipomea-4.5in

pentas-butterfly-1G pentas-butterfly-white-4.5in

purslane-toucan-mix-bskt streptocarpella-bskt

vinca-4in vinca-pacifica-apricot-4in

zinnia-swizzle-scarlet-yellow vinca-mediterranean-bskt #4 Fiber Med Vinca Baskets

For those of you who looked at all the pictures, your prize is to know that we have also discounted the #10 Drop In Planters, #12 Wave Deco Pots, #4 and #6 Caladiums, #6 Cora Vinca and we added #12 Boston Ferns to the list at a discount.  The discounted prices are listed in the comments on the ready list.

Also next week we will be posting our fall list and pictures of some new pansy colors for you to take a look at.  If you need large numbers of certain colors we are recommending that you pre-book those items this year.

Thanks and have a great weekend.

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