Updated Availability for Tuesday, May 13


OK, the file says May 12 but it really is for tomorrow (Tuesday).

There have been a lot of questions about upcoming availability so here is a quick summary on the top items.  Our last planting of all the J6 are in the availability except for 2 more plantings of impatiens and 1 more planting of begonias.  We also have 2 more plantings of #4 begonias.  We have 3 more plantings of #6 waves and 1 more planting of wave and double wave baskets along with another planting of #12 Trailing Petunia Combo baskets.  In addition to that we have more zinnias coming on as well as other odds and ends.

A lot of people are worried that we will run out of some things and we will run out of some items this week or next, but we will have quite a bit of availability coming on.


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