Updated Pansy and Mum Availability – Again

We have received a lot of orders for pansies and mums, and the availability has changed drastically in some cases, especially for the mums.  Everything in the #6.5s and #8s that is cracking or close to cracking has been sold.  We will be temporarily out of both sizes for at least a week.

Scheduling is tough to do in an uncertain economic environment, and it appears that we were a little too conservative on our sales projections despite increasing production over last year.  In the future we may need to go to a prebooked system like we do with our poinsettias to ensure that we know how many mums to grow in time to get them scheduled.

If you have any thoughts or comments on that we would appreciate any feedback.

Here is the ready list as of 4:00 pm September, 17:  availabilityseptember18

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