Vegetables Are Ready And Oh So Close On To That First Color

osteospermum-voltage-yellow-bloom It has been a dreary week here this week and not a lot of sun. Our plantings are coming along nicely, but we are at least 7-14 days out on having a good selection of plants in color available to ship. I expect us to be able to put some orders together for delivery by the week of February 27. For those of you picking up your orders, come on out any time you are ready. Becky has missed you

Here is our forward availability for Monday – Forward-aval-for-Mon-2-20.  This availability shows the items that are not currently available as of Friday but will be available on Monday. The Current Availability link to the right is a “right now” availability. On Monday you will need to refer to the Current Availability link to the right to get the most up-to-date availability.

Here is what we have in color now or will have some color showing by Monday (we also have some #6 Wave Petunias, J6 Ageratum and Celosia not pictured):

dianthus-1204 impatiens-J6

snapdragons-J6 salvia-J6


In the meantime our first planting of cole crops looks great as does our Vinca Major, Hardy Ferns and English Ivy. We also will have tomatoes, peppers and eggplant in 1204’s ready next week.

onions-cole-crops-1204 #1G-korean-rock-fern


This is some of the young stuff that is oh so close to being ready and some that will need a few more weeks like the Dragonwing Begonias and Combo Deco Pots.

first-planting-1 first-planting-2

first-planting-3 young-dragonwing-begonia-baskets

young-#6-confetti young-#12-R&B-petunia

young-#12-trailing-petunia-combo young-#12-wave-petunia-deco

young-fuchsia-baskets young-lettuce-#4

Also if you are interested in QR codes, here is a look at the QR code on our #6 Kong Coleus. We have added QR codes to our #4.5 and #6 sizes and a few others. Hopefully by next year all our tags will be utilizing the QR codes.


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