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Homestead Purple Verbena
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Perennial Verbena is a fast, growing perennial. The Homestead and Endurascape are similar to the spreading annual type of verbena. Santo Verbena is a semi-upright, spreading native cultivar. Perennial Verbena is usually more vigorous and grows to a larger size then the annual spreading verbena. There are also other types that grow with upright habits so if you are not sure of the type of verbena you have, it is a good idea to ask your local garden center about which type you have.

Verbenas all attract hummingbirds, butterflies and pollinators and these varieties have good heat resistance.

These perennial verbena are available in out Quart Perennials.

Endurascape Red Verbena

Endurascape Red is a heat tolerant perennial that keeps looking its best even on the hottest days of summer. Plants have a full habit with lots of blooms. Blooms are bright red and vibrant.

Endurascape Red is less aggressive than Homestead Purple and works well in smaller spaces. It has good resistance to powdery mildew.. It grows well in both landscapes and containers.

Plant in full sun 16-18″ apart. Grows 8-12″ tall and 18-24″ wide.

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endurascape red verbena bf

Homestead Purple Verbena 

Homestead Purple was discovered by happenstance at a homestead in Georgia.  It has clusters of dark purple flowers on dark green foliage that spreads out into a dense groundcover. 

The bright purple blooms appear in the spring to early summer and last until the first frost of fall and will usually survive winter in most southern climates (Zone 6) and a little farther north (Zone 7) with a good layer of mulch. 

Homestead Purple Verbena is easy to grow and resistant to most pests and diseases. It will tolerate drought, heat, rocky soils and dry soils.

Plant in full sun 12-16″ apart. Grows 10-12″ tall and 18-36″ wide.

homestead purple verbena

Santos Purple Verbena (Slender Vervain)

Santo Purple is a native, spreading verbena. It has a well-branched plants the forms a wide carpet of purple flowers. It is a high impact perennial with outstanding garden performance and lots of color. Santos Purple blooms from spring to mid-fall. Plants are described as compact and upright. However, one plant can spread out to 4 feet!

It is a tough and long lasting perennial that is both heat and drought tolerant. It also has good resistance to powdery mildew. Santos can be used in mass plantings, borders and containers. Note that Verbena rigida is only hardy to zone 7.

Verbena rigida Santos is a cultivar of the native verbena rigida found in the southeastern U.S.

Plant in full sun 16″ apart. Grows 12″ tall and up to 48″ wide.

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