Quartz Verbena

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Quartz Verbena adds interesting color to any planting. The dark green foliage supports clusters of small blooms. They will spread slightly with a mounded habit that is better branching than other verbena series.

Quartz Verbena tend to have larger blooms and are more resistant to powdery mildew. The bloom clusters are held high above the foliage making them attractive to butterflies.

Verbena is an old fashioned favorite of gardeners. It’s bright colors are its biggest draw. They do well in containers, hanging baskets and window boxes, and they have good a landscape performance too. They don’t tolerate drought and need to be in soil that is kept evenly moist. They also do not do well in soil that is constantly too wet.

Plant in full sun or part sun 10-14″ apart. Grows 8-10″ tall and 10-12″ wide.

We grow Quartz in our J6 (606) Annuals and #4 Annuals sizes and carry Burgundy, Mix, Red with Eye and White.

Proven Winner Verbena

In addition to our J6 and #4, we also carry 3 colors of trailing verbena in our QT Proven Winner category. You can follow the link and see more on them.

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Perennial Verbena

Follow the link to see more on our Qt Perennial Verbena.

Santos Purple Verbena
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