Vinca comes in a wide range of colors and has glossy green foliage. It has large, 2 inch blooms on bushy plants. As a drought tolerant, heat-loving plant, it is always a good choice for any full sun flower bed or landscape planting.

Vinca produces an abundance of brilliant yet durable flowers making it an easy-to-grow favorite. They are commonly known as periwinkles.

They are very low maintenance plants and will take a lot of abuse and neglect. You do not need to dead or pinch to maintain bloom and form.

Plant in full sun 10-12″ apart. They grow 14-18″ tall.

Available colors are Apricot, Blush, Bold Mix, Burgundy, Burgundy Halo, Cherry Halo, Cranberry, Pacifica Mix, Sunstorm Mix, Orange, Polka Dot, Punch, Purple, Red and White.

We grow Vinca in J6 (606) and #4(1801) flats. Due to seed availability varying each year, we may not have all colors in both sizes.

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