Warm Weather and More Pictures

Once again we are faced with warm weather in January. Last I heard this past January was the 9th or 10th warmest Januarys in Fort Smith, AR. When it is this warm we have to hold the plants back to keep them from getting ready too early. Now we all have to face the dread of whether or not we will get a late winter in March or a rainy April. Hopefully not. All we can do is keeping plugging along and handle whatever is thrown at us.

We are in full planting mode now. We have the first plantings of a lot of 1204 and J6’s packs as well as our #4 and #6 annuals. We are into the second and even third plantings of our baskets and deco pots and have the first baskets hung up and growing. They are all looking great.

Also our Current Availability link is down but we do have an early planting of cole crops (cabbage, cauliflower, etc.) ready. Contac Us or call for an availability.

I posted some pictures yesterday to test my new blogging app. It works great as long as I don’t want to post words and pictures at the same time or post more than one picture. I am still not sure how I managed to post all four last night. I never could do it again. The app would delete the previous picture when I added a new one or would erase the whole post after I added the pictures. So I will keep messing with it and probably use it to post one picture at a time as I am out in the greenhouses.

In the news:

Here is a new seed intro from Benary that competes with Bonfire Begonias – http://www.greenhousegrower.com/article/24749/benary-bringing-seed-boliviensis-to-market

Since I couldn’t get them all posted here are the rest of the pictures.

The first is of Confetti Garden liners that are ready to be pinched and planted. Next to it is Shaggy Shield and Southern Wood Hard Ferns

confetti-garden-plants 1gal-hardy-ferns

Young J6 Impatiens and Begonias and a whole house of Wave Petunias in pink pots.

J6-impatiens-and-begonias wave-petunias-greenhouse

Last up is young New Guinea Impatiens deco pots and Impatiens-Coleus Combo deco pots.

12in-new-guinea-impatien-deco 12in-deco-shade-combos

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