Website Troubleshooting, Fall Pansies and Farm Update

Do you think that title is broad enough?

As you may have noticed over the last several months, our website has not been available sporadically.  We tried various fixes but I think we may have figured out what was causing the glitches.  This blog post is the first test, but I will do some more testing later today.

Here is a full color flier showing a lot of the pansy colors we will have this fall along with some other fall annuals.  Check it out:  MatrixParksBrothersMP

If the website holds steady, I will be updating the fall plant list and adding pictures over the next few weeks.

All of our mums are coming along nicely.  We have had perfect mum weather for the last several weeks.  It’s been a little dry but the temperatures have been great with the hottest being in the low 90’s and the lows around 70!

6.5-mums3 6.5-mums2

8in-mums4 8in-mums5

12in-mums5 12in-mums4

We also have started some of our other fall annuals which include Mona Lavender Plectranthus, Calibrachoas, and Dianthus.

fall-plugs dianthus

We have already planted the first crop of Wave Petunia baskets.

wave-baskets8 wave-baskets9

The poinsettias are coming along nicely.  The first crop will be ready to plant in about two weeks.

poinsettias0 poinsettias1

poinsettias7 poinsettias9

We also planted our hostas for next spring this week and last week.

hostas6 hostas7

So that’s what we have been up to.  I will be posting more pictures of these and other crops as we go along.

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