Wet Weekend Ahead and More Pictures

opposites-attract-wave-petunia Most of Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana got soaked yesterday. Texas and Louisiana are getting soaked again today, it’s heading our way. Looks like we are in for a wet weekend. I hope that this is not the beginning of a pattern. On the upside, we are supposed to be back into the sunny 70’s by Tuesday.

In case you missed it, I pontificated on organic versus locally grown earlier this week and the folks who brought us the amusing Plants: They Reduced Crime (posted at the bottom of this post) added another video – Plants: They Make Sexy Gifts. I am not sure how I feel about these videos. They are amusing and have gone as viral as any plant video has before, but are they really doing anything to help promote the benefits of plants? I hope so. If not, they are still amusing to watch.

So far this year, our plants are doing quite well. We did have an issue this week with the blooms on the Wave Petunia baskets wilting or “go down” as we call it. This happens when mature blooms are shipped out wet or in a high humid environment. There is not much that can be done about this. We can not water the plants but if we do, then there is the problem of the possibility of wilted plants which will cause the blooms to drop off. So in these situations we are in a Catch 22 and do the best we can to make sure we get the plants to you in as good a condition as possible. Our apologies to any of you that had any problems with this and I hope that we were able to resolve these to your satisfaction. If not, contact me (Jason) and we will make it right.

This week we have had a lot of the first plantings get ready. We have some #4.5 Purslane, Babywing and Dragonwing Begonias, and a few colors of New Guineas. We have more Clematis along with more perennials and vegetables.

Pics for next week:

Lots of Wave Petunias in lots of sizes! We have baskets and Wave Medley Petunias in 8in and 12in pots.

Plum Vein Wave Petunia #10 Basket and #8 Wave Medley Petunia with Neon Rose and Mystic Pink Wave Petunias.

wave-petunia-bskt6 wave-petunia-medley-8in

Wave Medley Shockwave Denim and Rosy Dawn Wave Petunias in a #12 Deco pot and a wide shot of our current planting of Easy Wave Petunias in #6 pots.

wave-petunia-medley-12in-deco wave-petunias-6in

SANY2346 begonias-J6

begonia-baskets1 better-boyl-tomato-1204 

dragonwing-begonias-6in  sage-tricolor

#4 Zinnias budding as are some of the #4.5 New Guineas

zinnias-4in SANY2408

New Happy Hour Portulace – much more vibrant colors!

happy-hour-portulaca-J6 buddleia

#12 Rhythm and Blues Petunia Basket


As you can see our #6 Confetti Gardens are starting to color up. The names on them are kind of confusing. You can see all the names and colors here. The blue and yellow petunia is call Spring 2012 (I really don’t like that name. Just saying).

confetti-gardens-6in We have added a few in with some Light Color. Look for more to be added in as next week progresses.

Our #12 Confetti Garden Baskets are getting close to being ready. They are colored up but we want to give them another week to really fill out and look nice.

purple-cleopatra-confetti-baskets spring-2012-confetti-baskets

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