What A Week!

Wow. I did not think we could do that much that fast. We have been slammed here all week and have already started in next week’s order. Spring is off to a great start. For those of you farther north, get ready because when it hits it will hit hard.

I have been posting updates from Spring Trials in California all week from Twitter friends and from newsletters and emails I get weekly. I hope that you have enjoyed them.

Next week is looking great. I expect the availability to go down fast so I suggest you get your order in as soon as possible. The longer you wait , the later in the week you may get your order. Sometimes you can get your order in early but if we don’t have enough to put together a full truck you may get pushed to later in the week anyway. We don’t want or like to do that but we sometimes have to do that. I’m sorry that it happens.

Like I said, the inventory is looking great for next week as you can see below.

Lots of pictures for your view pleasure.

wave-medley wave-medley-3

begonia2 confetti-6in-20

confetti-6in-22 confetti-6in-32

confetti-6in-42 confetti-6in-75

confetti-basket-12in-05 petunia

dragonwing-deco-12n fuchsia

geranium5 rhythm-and-blues-bskt-12in

zinnias 4.5in-prem-annuals

double-impatiens-4.5in dragonwing

eggplant-4in greenhouse44

impatiens-J6 kong-coleus

lysimachia-4.5in marigolds-1204

onions ornamental-peppers-10in

pentas-4.5in peppers-4in

perennials5 perennials6

purslane stobilanthese-and-succulents-4.5in

streptocarpella tomatoes-4in

tomatoes-1204 vinca-J6

One last picture from the Spring Trials 2012. A friend of mine emailed this one to me. These are the Mighty Mato grafted tomatoes. The grafted tomatoes are getting a lot of buzz in the industry right now. They are expensive but as you can see, they are also very vigorous. Not sure how they taste. I think 2 more companies have come out with similar lines. What they do is graft an heirloom stem onto a disease resistant root stem.

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