What To Get Mom For Mother’s Day

My sisters did an end run on me when they got together and bought Mom something for Mom’s Day and left me out of it. I asked my mom what she wanted for Mother’s Day. She told me that she didn’t want anything. I suggested that we could take her out to eat she told me that doing absolutely nothing this weekend would be wonderful. I replied that I could afford doing nothing.

The thing is that my Mom works here and does all our bookkeeping so getting a break around here in the spring really is something we all would like to have. Don’t worry. I will do something for her. Although I think I might owe both her and Dad something from Mother’s and Father’s Day last year.

Mother’s Day is always a big weekend for IGC’s. We have some people that have told us on Facebook that they are driving 2 hours to come shop with us this weekend. If I didn’t work here, I would get Mom a nice Combo Pot or Combo Basket or maybe a gift certificate with a promise to go with her to help load and unload everything.

Despite the big weekend that we are all hoping for (it’s going to rain here tomorrow), we still have a good selection of product to carry us through the next several weeks. If the weather will stay nice like it has been for this week, we should all do nicely. My personal prediction based on nothing but my gut is that the season will stretch into early June. There are still a lot of people who have not planted their flower beds. Plus I think that people are tired of all the politics that bombards them online, on TV and the radio so they will escape to their yards for some peace and relaxation.

So having said all that here is what we have for next week. There is a great selection of J6 packs and good numbers on several items of 1204 packs like impatiens (1204s are discounted next week – check availability for pricing). We also have great selections of #4.5 and #6 items, #10 baskets and #12 deco pots and baskets. Also check the availability for other sale items.

zonal-geraniums-4.5in butterfly-pentas-4.5in

dahlinova-dahlias-4.5in gerbera-daisy

lantana-yellow-4.5in chilly-chili-ornamental-pepper

indian-summer-sun-coleus-4.5in new-guinea-impatiens-4.5in

begonia-baskets big-begonia-1801-8

blue-wave-petunia-baske calibrachoa-basket

cora-cascade-vinca-basket new-guinea-baskets-57

dragonwing-begoina-deco dragonwing-begonia-basket

coreopsis daylilies

evolvulus-4.5in sedums-7

sempervivum platycodon

perennials memorial-day-8inSQ

dreamland-mix-zinnias swizzle-zinnias

impatiens-1204 impatiens-1801

impatiens-baskets sunpatiens-deco

lantana-basket-3 new-guinea-deco

penta-decos scaevola-basket

stepables3 stepables4

sweet-potato-vine tidal-wave-petunias

trailing-petunia-combo-12in-basket trailing-verbena-34

wave-petunia-deco #12 Wave Petunias Deco pots are on sale next week. Check the availability for prices and other sale items.

wave-petunias-9 wave-petunias-1

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