When Did Fall Start or Did We Miss It?

So is it fall yet or what? This week has been down right chilly mornings then so warm in the afternoons that we have to drive home with the AC on. While we are enjoying some cool mornings and somewhat pleasant evenings, the warm days seem to be having the effect of trickling the fall season along. Some people are getting out and planting while others seem to be waiting for it to cool off. Is this what you are seeing too?

Pansies sales have been strong this year. We have been selling out of most colors by the end of the day on Monday. If you need J6 or #4 pansies, be sure to get your order in early. We are into our last crop of J6 Alyssum and are down to the last of our J6 dianthus. The J6 snapdragons were a complete crop failure for the remaining plantings. We have good availability as of today on our J6 petunias, but they are very light on color. In addition to the #4 pansies we have #4 Marigolds and Petunias. The Taishan Marigolds are starting to color up, but the petunias, like the J6, are light on color.

The kale is looking great. We are getting to the end of the #6 availability, but we have plenty of #8 available.

We also have some Calibrachoa baskets and Dreams Petunia baskets along with some other basket odds and ends including Plentifall Pansy baskets.

calibrachoa5 pansy-plentifall

New this week are #6 Mix Plentifall Pansy.


Another new item we have available this week is #8 Pansy – Colossus Formula Mix and Matrix Halloween Mix. These #8 pots are a great way for your customers to get a lot of color in their beds or plants with less work by planting fewer pots.

8in-pansy4 8in-pansy3

Mums are still coming on. We have a lot of them that are just now cracking color or have a few blooms open. New on last week’s availability were the #10 Mums which are looking great.

Here is our next crop of J6 Pansies…

SANY2064 J6-pansy3

J6-pansy6 J6-pansy7

…and our next #4 Pansies

4in-pansy6 4in-pansy7


Cabbage and Kale

cabbage-kale1 cabbage-kale8


mums8 mums72

mums76 mums9

mums2 mums03

mums01 mums08

And just because I asked my wife, who so kindly took these pictures, had to go back and take one more picture, she added in these:

SANY2126 SANY2127

SANY2125 SANY2130

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