Wholesale Availability

Use this page to get information about plant availability and to search for specific plants in our inventory

  • View our Current Wholesale Availability. A printable Adobe PDF file will be created based on our most recent inventory count. You can also save and email this to your employees at your garden center. NOTE: There is a date listed on the top left of the document that identifies when the inventory was entered.
  • Search Our Inventory for specific plants that you are looking for. This comes directly from our production inventory system and includes a SEARCH box at the top right of the screen that instantly shows you updates as you type your search. You can print this out with the [Print] button to the right of the search box.
    • You can also click the headings to sort the data. As an example, if you searched begonia and you wanted to see which item has the most inventory, you just click the Available column.
    • To start a new search, just delete the text in the search box or just overwrite the old search with a new search.
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