You Know It Is Monday

I came in at 6 am this morning like I usually do. I made my coffee. Ate a healthy cinnamon raisin bagel that I smothered in cream cheese. Griped about the rain with some of the guys. Then I sat down at my computer to get to work. I was checking my email when my monitor went flashed to black then came back on. That was weird, I thought, and kept on working. Then it did it again a minute later. I checked the cables and power.  Nothing was loose.  Then it happened again. My blood pressure spiked.  Then again. I rebooted. It worked for about five minutes. Then the whole thing went bonkers. It kept tuning itself off and on so fast that I finally just had to kill it.

Houston, we have a problem. I ran to town and bought myself a 22" LCD monitor at the first place I came to. I probably paid too much for it, but when you need hardware, you buy hardware. No time to wait for Amazon to deliver. Anyway that put me behind and I just never caught up.  The 22" is nice but it took my eyes most of the day to get used to the screen.

Tomorrow will be a new chapter in The Mum Chronicles. It will be as exciting an installment as watching mums grow. Trust me on this one.

In the mean time here is are some pictures of the Parks brothers from days of yore for your viewing pleasure.

skmbt_c35108060508170-300x196 skmbt_c35108060508191-300x193 skmbt_c35108060508470-300x169 skmbt_c35108060508471 skmbt_c351080605085101-300x165 skmbt_c351080605085201-300x166

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