Zahara Zinnias

Zahara Zinnias

Zahara Zinnias are disease tolerant and love the heat. Compared to Profusion Zinnias they have 20% larger blooms in bold colors.

Double Zahara Zinnias have all the same features as their single bloomed counterparts with more petals. Blooms are fully double and quite showy.

Zinnias are virtually care free. They are heat and drought tolerant and have strong disease tolerance. They resist insects and deer don’t feed on the foliage. Pinch off (deadhead) old blooms to encourage new growth and keep your zinnias blooming.

The flowers are excellent for cutting with an exceptional vase life. The more you cut blooms for bouquets the better they performs.

If you can manage it, water Zahara Zinnias with a soaker hose or from the bottom and avoid overhead waterings. Zinnias are more susceptible to mildew disease when the foliage stays wet. If you have to water overhead, water early in the day to give the foliage time to dry out before nightfall.

Their vivid blooms are great for attracting butterflies too! Use Zaharas in mass landscape plantings. They also do well in containers.

Plant in full sun 8-10″ apart. They will grow 16-20″ tall.

Zahara Zinnias are available in #4/1801 flats. We carry Bonfire Mix, Double Fire, Mix and Yellow.

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