Zinnias are very popular summer annuals. They are well known and well used for their prolific blooms, low maintenance and their tolerance to heat and drought.

Zinnias are virtually care free. They are heat and drought tolerant and have strong disease tolerance. They resist insects and deer don’t feed on the foliage. They are easy to grow and are fast growers which makes them a great choice for new gardeners. They don’t require much fertilizer (but will do better with some) nor do they need mulching or much in the way of soil prep to do well in flower beds. Pinch off (deadhead) old blooms to encourage new growth and keep your zinnias blooming.

If you can manage it, water Zinnias with a soaker hose or from the bottom and avoid overhead waterings. They are more susceptible to mildew disease when the foliage stays wet. If you have to water overhead, water early in the day to give the foliage time to dry out before nightfall.

Zinnias come in a lot of colors but the bright colors are generally more popular, especially yellow. They also come in several different bloom types – single, semi-double and double blooms. The flowers are excellent for cutting with an exceptional vase life. The more you cut blooms for bouquets the better they performs.

All Zinnias are great for attracting butterflies and other pollinators.

Our Dreamland, Profusion, Zahara and the new Zydeco Zinnias are available in our #4 Deluxe Annual category, and the Swizzle and Zesty Zinnias are available in our #4.5 Premium Annual category. See below for more information on sizes and colors.

Dreamland Zinnias

Dreamland Zinnias are a dwarf variety of zinnias with a compact growth habit. They produce large double and semi-double flowers measuring up to 3-4″ across. The series has a wide range of eye-catching and vibrant colors.

Dreamland Zinnias are tough and can weather storms better than other varieties. They are an excellent choice for landscapers and home gardeners who want a lot of color without a lot of prep and maintenance. The dwarf habit of Dreamland allows a lot of color without the really tall plants as is common in some types of zinnias.

Dreamland Zinnias can be used in mass plantings or as a background border plant in beds, and they do well in containers. Dreamland Mix includes coral, ivory, pink, red, rose, scarlet and yellow.

Plant 6-8″ apart in full sun. Grows 10-12″ tall.

We grow Dreamland Mix and Dreamland Yellow available in our #4(1801) pot/flat size.

zinnias dreamland mix

Profusion Zinnias

Profusion Double Hot Cherry

Profusion Zinnias quickly spread out in a tapestry of brilliant long-lasting color. You can expect constant blooms from this heat-loving plant even through the hottest days of summer. It’s strong stems make it tough and sturdy.

Packed with delightful 1” to 2” daisy-like blooms, Profusion Zinnias will instantly add drama to your garden, patio or flower beds. Profusions come in both single and double bloom flower varieties. They have the added benefit of strong disease resistance to alternaria and powdery mildew.

Plant in full sun 12-18″ apart. They grow 12-16″ tall.

Profusion Zinnias are available from us in #4/1801 size. The colors of Profusion we grow are: Double Hot Cherry, Double Red, Double Red Yellow Bicolor and Profusion White (left to right below).

Swizzle Zinnias

Swizzle Zinnias are bursting with huge, double, bicolor blooms. Swizzle Zinnias have large 3” to 4” blooms burst with vibrant contrasting colors. Each flower has layers upon layers of petals giving it the formal look that other Zinnias just can’t compete with.

The plants have a compact, dwarf habit and don’t get too tall. It’s easy to grow and loves the sun making it a great pick for children or beginner gardeners.

Plant 6-8″ apart in full sun. Grows 10-12″ tall.

They are available in #4.5 Premium size and come in two colors – Swizzle Cherry & Ivory and Swizzle Scarlet & Yellow.

Red & White Zinnia
Red & Yellow Zinnia

Zahara Zinnias

Zahara Zinnias have single type blooms in bold colors. They are disease tolerant and love the heat. Compared to Profusion Zinnias their blooms are 20% larger.

Double Zahara Zinnias have all the same features as their single bloomed counterparts with more petals. Blooms are fully double and quite showy.

The plants of both Zahara Zinnias and Double Zahara Zinnias are compact and bushy and covered in blooms. They all do well in landscapes as border plants or in mass plantings as well as performing in patio containers and hanging baskets.

Plant in full sun 8-10″ apart. They will grow 16-20″ tall.

Zahara Zinnias are available in #4/1801 flats. We grow Zahara Bonfire Mix, Zahara Double Fire, Zahara Mix and Zahara Yellow (shown below, left to right).

Zesty Zinnias

Zesty Zinnias provide gardeners a beautiful display of large, double blooms on vigorous bushy plants. Plants are a little larger than than the other Zinnias we produce.

The main attributes of Zesty Zinnias are their outstanding vigor and gorgeous, double blooms that cover the plants. They fill out containers quickly and look great in mass plantings.

Plant in full sun 10-12″ apart. Grows 18-24″ tall.

We produce Zesty Purple Zinnias in #4.5 Premium pots.

zesty purple zinnia ball
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Zydeco Zinnias

Zydeco Zinnias have long lasting, fully double blooms. It’s large blooms are held up by sturdy stems on bushy plants.

Zydeco Zinnias have excellent disease resistance. Zydeco are comparable to the Zesty Zinnias in size but have blooms with more petals than the Zestys making them more double than Zesty’s double blooms. Zydeco blooms average about 25% larger than other similar type zinnias. Blooms are 3-3.5″ wide.

Plant in full sun 12-16″ apart. Grows 14-20″ tall and 14-20″ wide.

We grow Zydeco Cherry, Zydeco Deep Yellow and Zydeco Fire in our #4(1801) trays. These will be available in our #4 Deluxe Annual Category.

New for Spring 2023!

zydeco cherry zinnia syngenta small
Zydeco Cherry
zydeco deep yellow zinnia syngenta small
Zydeco Deep Yellow
zydeco fire zinnia syngenta small
Zydeco Fire
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