Stachys Fuzzy Wuzzy

lambs ear stachys lanata

Stachys lanata Fuzzy Wuzzy, a variety of the commonly named Lamb’s Ear, has silver-gray, soft, fuzzy foliage.  The foliage is the main reason that people grow this plant. However, they do have pinkish-purple to white blooms on spikes in spring or early summer. It’s blooms will attract bees and butterflies. Prune spent blooms to keep Stachys looking tidy. In climates with mild winters the foliage may be evergreen.

Stachys prefers full sun but can benefit from afternoon shade in the hot summer. Too much shade could lead to disease or rot if the leaves have not dried properly after watering. It is recommended that Lamb’s Ear is watered from the bottom to help prevent any problems. Soil that drains well will also help.

Stachys grows from center out leaving a dead spot in the center that requires you to divide and replant every 2-4 years.

Plant in full sun or part shade 12-15″ apart. Grows 12-15″ wide and 6-12″ tall.

Stachsy Fuzzy Wuzzy is available in our Quart Perennials size category.

Stachys Hummelo

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Stachys officinalis Hummelo is a perennial native to Europe and Asia. Its grown for the beautiful display of purple blooms in late spring and early summer. Hummelo’s blooms open on stems 10-12″ above the foliage. The bloom color can range from pinkish-purple to rose-lavender.

Hummelo Stachy’s foliage is deep green and scalloped with deep wrinkles. The plants will form a dense groundcover over time and are evergreen in warmer climates. An added benefit is deer don’t forage on Hummelo.

Hummelo is low maintenance and easy to grow. It does best in evenly moist soils with good drainage. It is drought tolerant once established and appreciates afternoon shade in hot, humid climates. Removing old blooms will encourage a second flush of flowers.

Plant in part sun to full sun 16-26″ apart. Grows 20″ tall and 14-16″ wide.

Stachys Hummelo is available in our Quart Perennials size category.

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