Memorial Day Weekend

basket coco 16inI am looking forward to the long weekend. We will be closed Saturday-Monday for Memorial Day. We all could use a little rest around here. I have plans to do as much of absolutely nothing as possible…and mow. Unless I can get my wife to do it. I can play the broken leg card but that’s getting old with her. It’s like she expects me to do house work and stuff. Weird, huh?

Any way, we are still plugging along with the plants and flowers. We are doing a lot of counting today to get our inventory numbers more accurate. My apologies if you did not get something you ordered this week. Due to the exceptionally late spring, we were in a holding pattern with our products. As the season progressed we were pulling the best from multiple plantings, product was skipped over, cut back and thrown away. All that shuffling makes it very difficult to keep an accurate inventory so when we get to the end of our season, we were off a few (or more) in our inventory. I am sorry for any problems that may have caused you.

I added in our last basket inventories this week with new inventory for Wave Petunias, Impatiens and Begonia baskets that I forgot about last week. They all are just now ready and look great. As for every thing else, we are going though it all today and grading out the bad and tossing it so that we can keep our quality up. We will continue to do this as we finish out the spring.

We are also ready for fall so don’t for get to book any mums or pansies you will need for fall. You can contact your sales rep for a item list and prices.

Back to spring. Here are my Top Five picks for what looks best for next week:

  1. #10 Cora Cascade Vinca Baskets
  2. #12 Sunpatiens Deco Pots
  3. 1801 Gazanias
  4. 4.5in Gerbera Daisy
  5. #16 Coco Baskets

basket cora cascade vinca 8 12in deco sunpatiens 1801 gazania 4.5in gerbera daisy 16in coco baskets 4 

and now for the rest of the pictures…

1 gal sunpatiens 5 1 gal hardy ferns 1 gal mandevilla 1 gal red cora vinca 1 gal sunpatiens 3 1 gal sunpatiens 4 4in stepables 2 4.5in angelonia 4.5in lantana 4.5in mexican heather 1 4.5in plumbago blue 4.5in purslane 4.5in streptocarpella 4.5in succulents 4.5in sun coleus 4.5in sweet potato vine9 4.5in sweet potato vine 1 4in stepables 1 6in cora vinca 1 6in cora vinca 2 6in mosaic kong coleus 6in ornamental pepper 8in sq babywing begonia 8in sq dragon wing begonia 8in sq sunflower 8in tidal wave petunia 1 8in tidal wave petunia 8 12in basket tailing petunia combo 9 12in basket trailing petunia combo 12in confetti basket 1 12in confetti basket 2 12in confetti basket 8 12in confetti baskets 12in confetti deco 2 12in lantana deco 12in rhythm and blues basket 12in scaevola basket 14in moss basket 16in coco baskets 5 16in coco planter 2 403 stepables 1801 ageratum 1801 green mix begonias 1801 ivy 1801 plumosus fern 1801 vinca 2 1801 vinca 3 deco pentas 1 basket dragon wing begonia basket impatiens basket new guinea impatiens basket petunia wave basket purslane basket scaevola basket wave petunia 4

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