This Is What We Have Left…

We have actually caught up with last year’s year-to-date sales. As recent as last week, we were discussing how much product we had left and the impact that not selling those plants would have on us. Then this week we sell a huge chunk of that inventory. Thanks to all our customers and we hope that you have caught up too and may be ahead of last year?

We still have a lot of inventory on hand. We had a few late plantings of select items that just got ready last week. The weather is helping sales since it has not been that hot yet, but we can do without all the severe weather. We have been under a tornado watch since Wednesday night.

I am not going to ramble much in this post. Here are pictures of some of the plants we have left. Even though it’s getting late most of it still looks good.

J6 violet impatiens 1204 dazzler white impatiens J6 ageratum J6 blue salvia J6 celosia J6 dusty miller J6 mix impatiens J6 red bronze begonias J6 rose green begonias J6 taboo mix impatiens 1 gal stella daylily 1801 begonia rose bronze 1801 ivy 1801 plumosus fern 1801 sprengri fern 1801 white hypoestes caladiums 36 caladiums 37 caladiums 40 qt echinacea qt gailardia 1 qt gailardia 2 qt platycodon stepables 4in stepables 403 1 gal hibiscus 1 1 gal hibiscus 4 8in tidal wave petunias 1 gal sunpatiens 6 1 gal begonia red bronze 1 gal red cora vinca 1 gal white cora vinca 6in cora vinca 1 6in cora vinca 3 6in kong coleus 14in moss basket 12in basket confetti hilo 12in basket confetti tangerine tango 12in basket rhythm and blues 12in basket triailing petunia combo 1 12in basket triailing petunia combo 2 basket 12in blue a fuse basket 12in scaevola mix 12in deco 1 12in deco 5 12in deco pentas deco sunpatiens 3 deco sunpatiens 9 12in deco trailing petunia combo 4.5in double impatiens 4.5in gerbera daisy 4.5in henna sun coleus 4.5in pursalne 4.5in red pentas 4.5in salmon geranium 4.5in scaevola blue 4.5in serena white angelonia 4.5in sweet potato vine 4.5in sweetie white new guinea impatiens basket purslane  basket cora cascade basket dragon wing begonia basket new guinea 1 basket 10in confetti basket petunia 9 basket begonia 1 basket begonia 2

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